AGRO has recently expanded the EMC range with the powerCONNECT series. With this new, advanced compression sleeve, ensures reliable 360°shield contact in a very compact unit. The direct transfer from the shielding to the cable gland’s lower part ensures extremely low transfer resistance.

1 Low transfer resistance
As a result of the direct contact between the cable’s shielding and the cable gland’s cone, transfer resistance is very low.

2 High leakage currents
Lasting high contact pressure, which results from the fixed compression sleeve and the complete tightening of the middle piece, maximises grounding of leakage currents, the extent of which is limited only by the shield’s cross-sectional area.

3 Special middle piece
The complete tightening of the middle piece clamps the shield braid properly without mechanically loading the cable’s electricity-transmitting wires.

4 High flexibility
Excellent sealing performance with high flexibility. The two-part sealing inserts facilitate a large spectrum in the clamping range at a particular protection class (IP 68 / IP 69K).

5 Diverse entry threads
Progress® EMC powerCONNECT cable glands can be supplied with short or long entry threads. Metric or PG threads facilitate installation in threaded holes or with EMC locknuts.

How to assemble the AGRO powerCONNECT?

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