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The Evolution X is the latest in Chalmit’s revolutionary X Series of LED luminaires.

The next generation in Zone 1 LED luminaires, the Chalmit Evolution X floodlight focuses on the need of the user by combining high powered performance
with long term maintenance benefits. Providing a market leading photometric output up to 40,000 lumens, and offered with a variety of optics to efficiently
illuminate any Zone 1/21 application, the Evolution X is a true successor to the traditional high output HID floodlights.

With no exposed flamepaths and an expected LED L70 life >200,000 hours at the maximum rated ambient of 60°C, the robust LED enclosure is effectively
maintenance free. The optional benefit of a removable gearbox with excellent IP allows the maintainable components to be easily accessible, and ensures
that the ground breaking Evolution X is suitable for global use in any harsh or hazardous environment.


The Chalmit Evolution X comes with some great productfeatures:

  • Highly Energy Efficient >106lm/W
  • Slimline, Sealed for life LED enclosure with no
    exposed flamepaths
  • Easy access gearbox with captive screws
  • Available with asymmetric optic, minimising light pollution
  • Remote gearbox option with flying lead for ease of maintenance
    and installation
  • 120,000 maintenance free hours at 25°C

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